A revolutionary system for cleaning and stripping fragile surfaces, such as….
Oak beam cleaning
Great for cleaning, stripping and renovating old timber beams in barns and cottages. We use it to clean off wooden beams in listed buildings (safer than sandblasting your  black Elizabethan beams). You can strip varnish off oak doors, skirtings and floors. It’s also great for stripping thick black paint off oak and pine beams.
Stone Cleaning
Ideal for cleaning and renovating tired stonework and stone walls. These include Natural stone cleaning, Cotswold stone, York stone, Somerset sandstone and Indian sandstone (see the separate stone cleaning page). It’s ideal for stripping paint from stonework and stone walls, fireplaces and surrounds. You can even use it for pebble dash removal.
We Also use it for, Graffiti removal, Brick cleaning and cleaning / restoration of Statues and Monuments. We carry out Boat cleaning (antifouling paint removal), Removal of road markings. and much, much more. It's mild restoration cleaning. Much more gentle than shot blasting or blast cleaning. Ideal for listed Heritage (English Heritage) buildings

Brick Cleaning, Cleaning Brickwork, Removal Of Paint & Grime From Brickwork & Brick Fireplaces
We Do
Oak, wooden & timber beam & frame cleaning and stripping
Cleaning Oak beams, stripping old black timber beams
Cleaning natural stone, stone wall cleaning
Stone Wall Cleaning
Brick Cleaning
Brick wall cleaning, Cleaning bricks
Landscape stone work cleaning
Stone cleaning, patios and poolsides
Remove paint from brick walls and brickwork
Remove paint from brickwork. Clean bricks