Stone Cleaning
Great for stone cleaning and renovating stonework and stone walls. Much safer to use than high pressure sandblasting
It's good for Ashlar Stone, Bath Stone, Blue Stone, Buff Stone, Building Stone, Coloured Stone, Cotswolds Stone, Dorset Stone, Durham Stone, Granite, Grit Stone, Limestone , Marble, Natural Quarry Stone, Northumberland Stone, Old York Stone, Portland Stone, Quartz, Indian sandstone, Sawn Stone, Somerset Stone, Travertine, Terrazzo and Walling Stone.
This can be used on either natural stone walls, flagstones, interior or exterior stone walls. It’s ideal for stripping paint from stonework and for renovating stone fireplaces and surrounds. You can even use it for pebble dash removal or cleaning dry stone walls. It's a very gentle way of doing the job.
It's a very safe, sympathetic alternative to high pressure sandblasting of stone

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Stone Cleaning ...  Interior and exterior stone cleaning...

Cleaning & Restoration Of
Natural  Stone (How to restore a stone  wall & cleaning of stone walls).

Feel Proud As Punch With Your Gleaming Stone ― Feast Your Eyes On Stonework As Dazzling As The Day It Was Built

Wow! Take a look at these cracking
stone cleaning photos below...

Do you need an interior or exterior stone wall clean?

Have you seen those TV programmes where some explorer hacks and slashes their way through dense jungle with a machete?

You know, the ones where they discover a stone wall that's been hidden for centuries? When they rip away the undergrowth, they find the ancient stonemasons were so skilled, you'd have trouble matching their work today?

Well, sometimes, we feel just like those explorers!

You see...

There's a treasure chest of beautiful stonework in Britain ― lost under layers of dirt, grime and paint. Our "mission" is to reveal that beauty for everyone to enjoy.

Here's some stone cleaning pictures from a garden in the West Midlands. Look how the fabulous York stone was suffocating under thick layers of sludge and slime.

See how it glowed after restoration? See how the weathered stone was revived? Can you imagine how stone cleaning will bring back all the vibrant colours in your stonework?

Here is a minor miracle of stone wall cleaning. In this
case it's York Stone but it could just as easily be
Bath stone, Cotswold stone, Sandstone etc
Before cleaning. Here's a weathered York Stone wall that's coated with dirt, algae and sulphates. There's also gooey green slime on the slabs. It looks totally neglected. Now here's the same stone wall (and rejuvenated flagstones) just minutes later. Can you see the difference following the stone cleaning? Wow... Look at the warm colours!

Now, Can you see anything unusual in this third photo?

What's unusual about this photo?
This is a corner of the same York Stone wall after it had been cleaned. Now look closely. Notice how the ivy is still there?

That shows how gentle (but effective) this process is. The stone was cleaned without damaging the greenery! The dirt has gone but the plants are still in place.

Are you wondering how your stone will gleam? Will yours glow like the wall in the photographs?

There's only one way to find out. Give me a call or E-mail some photo's across.

I warn you though. You'll be grinning like a Cheshire cat when you see how radiant your stone will look.

Won't it be brilliant to see your stonework glowing after treatment?

Just click on the link below and we'll arrange it

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Cleaning & Restoration of Landscaped Stone Work

Landscape stone work cleaning

  York stone, Cotswold Stone,
Sandstone, Indian sandstone, Bath stone, Natural Stone etc

You've got to see these super photo's below

They'll show you how firstly; a doomed patio project was brought back from the dead and secondly; how a grubby poolside area was rescued at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

You'll also discover a secret benefit ― how to impress your friends and relatives; then have them gossip enviously about you. Here's how.

Let me ask you something.

If you held a get together at your house ― with your friends and neighbours ― would they openly admire, or silently criticise your stonework ?

Now just imagine for a second... having loads of guests come round for a barbeque, party or reception. It's a beautiful day so you all go outside to the patio ― then you look down in horror.

Embarrassing or what?

The stonework and slabs are engulfed in lichen, dirt and green slime. You hadn't noticed it over the winter ― but your guests have already!

The problem is, when stonework gets shabby, it doesn't just happen overnight. It kind of creeps up over time, almost invisibly.

You don't really notice it ― but others do. They always do — then they take perverted pleasure in pointing it out (I bet you know someone just like this)..

Sure it's embarrassing but don't worry ― it's easily sorted. So, instead...

Wouldn't it be fantastic if... your patio had that
"just designed, award winning" look. One
they'd come round to gaze in amazement at?

You can and you will.

Now here's what usually happens after someone's stonework is transformed. Does this sound familiar?

When you have it spruced up, those same friends will notice the change immediately . Beware though. They may get a teeny bit JEALOUS afterwards.

Casually, they'll sidle up to you. They'll ask (through gritted teeth) "who did this for you?". Eventually, I hope you'll let on and give them our telephone number ― but it's OK to let them sweat a bit first!

So, if you could have your stonework transformed,
(without spending a fortune) ― so that everyone came
to admire it― how great would you feel?

Have a quick look around you. Do you have say, some rockery stone or a natural stone wall, that's looking a bit tired? Maybe you've got a (once) fabulous poolside area that needs freshening up without using chemicals?

Maybe you're holding a wedding reception
or birthday party at your house and want it
to look stunning in the photographs?

Here's the easy way to have it look as good as the day it was built. Take a look at these photo's below... It's a "rescue" job we did recently...

How to remove paint from stonework or a brick or stone wall
Here's a luxury patio created from recycled stone. Incredibly, many stones were left daubed in unsightly paint.

It looks a right mess. You'd probably be too embarrassed to hold your parties here!
This is the same patio after cleaning. Wouldn't you want to show this off to all your friends and neighbours?

What a cool place to entertain them?

NB the white stuff on the floor is the (removed) old paint on the dustsheets, just before it was cleaned up and taken away.

And there's more...

The next photo's (below) show another West Midlands garden. This time, featuring a swimming pool with very unhealthy flagstones.

Take a look at the grubby poolside patio below. See the dark mouldy area? Well that's what you'd touch with your bare hands and feet. Makes you feel riffy just thinking about it doesn't it?

Would you or your kids dare walk around in BARE FEET on that muck and grime ― or worse still, slice them open on those filthy, germ laden slabs?

That poolside slime is deadly slippery, just like an ice rink. You don't want someone skidding, cracking their head, then collapsing into the pool, do you? Nowadays, they'll probably sue you. And that's not all.

It's not just the danger, it's the cost...

See the slabs forming the circle surrounding the pool? They are solid granite. Beautiful, but pricey.

They cost a whopping £ 43.76 EACH! (That's £ 218.80 just for just the six slabs bordering the pool in the first photo. Bear in mind that doesn't include the cost of getting the old ones up or laying the new ones).

Believe it or not, they had already been pressure washed ― just a day or so before these photo's were taken ― and still looked lousy!

The owners were at their wits end. They were about to tear up and replace those granite slabs, when they heard of us.

See how our system brought the poolside up like new, removed the grease and restored the "non slip" finish to the tiles. Yours could look just as great.

How To Remove Grease, Mould and Slime
from patios, slabs and flagstones
This solid granite poolside was covered with a deadly duo of grease and algae. With wet feet it was as deadly to walk on as black ice. Here it is with the yucky stuff being removed. Once that's done you'll be safer and it will look like it's just been newly built.

Here's something else. What about loose things, like rockery stones?

Say you want to move your existing feature somewhere else, or you have a load of old rockery stones piled up, waiting to be used again?

Often, when you rebuild a rockery, the stones look tatty. Some look bright while others are stained with soil or covered in moss and lichen. You end up with a patchwork mess. Here's what you do...

Build it anyway and don't worry what it looks like. Then call us.

Here's how your rockery stones will look like new...

We'll come along and clean all the faces up so they look like nearly quarried stone. That's what we did in the photo above (the one where the bricks were coated in white paint). It'll put pounds on the place!

So, are you wondering how well yours will clean up? Won't you feel great when your patio looks as good as the day it was laid?

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To find out how good your garden will look after cleaning, just give me a call or E-mail some photo's. Just click on this link below now...


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Stone Cleaning ; Types of stone to be cleaned.

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