A revolutionary system for cleaning and stripping fragile surfaces, such as….

Oak beam and frame cleaning

Great for cleaning, stripping and renovating old timber beams and frames in barns and cottages. We use it to clean off wooden beams in listed buildings (safer than sandblasting your  black Elizabethan beams). You can strip varnish off oak doors, skirtings and floors. It’s also great for stripping  thick black paint off oak and pine beams.

Stone Cleaning

Ideal for cleaning and renovating tired stonework and stone walls. These include Natural stone cleaning, Cotswold stone, York stone, Somerset sandstone and Indian sandstone (see the separate stone cleaning page). It’s ideal for stripping paint from stonework and stone walls, fireplaces and surrounds. You can even use it for pebble dash removal.


We Also use it for, Graffiti removal, Brick cleaning and cleaning / restoration of Statues and Monuments. We carry out Boat cleaning (antifouling paint removal),  Removal of road markings. and much, much more. It's  mild restoration cleaning. Much more gentle than shot blasting or blast cleaning. Ideal for listed Heritage (English Heritage) buildings

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What Else Do We Do?

Cleaning oak beam. Thick paint removed from oak beams without scratching the wood - with all unique colours restored Cleaning Oak Beams, stripping old black timber beams

Cleaning natural stone; Dirty, grubby natural stonework brought back to life with our gentle stone cleaning Stone cleaning

Stone cleaning and cleaning natural stone;Give your patios and features that "just laid" look Stone Cleaning

Cleaning years of grease and grime from brickwork. The bricks nearly always clean up like new

 Brick Wall Cleaning, Painted Brickwork Cleaning

Brick cleaning;Clean up painted brickwork or clean old brick to look like new

Brick Cleaning

Precious monuments like marble statue gently cleaned / restored with no danger of damage Statue monument cleaning

And We Also

Do These...

cleaning stone fireplace; Renovation of interior wood, stone, brick and fireplaces. All stripped back without as much as a scratch to the item. All without using chemicals!

Clean and restore Interior wood, stone  fireplaces, skirtings and panelling

Boat Cleaning; anti fouling, old paint and barnacles removed without damaging the gel coat

antifouling removal, boat cleaning

removal of road markings ; Environmentally friendly removal of thermoplastic road markings - without choking toxic fumes Removal of road markings

Removing graffiti; Chemical free graffiti removal with no damage to surfaces underneath" Graffiti Removal

Ultra gentle blast cleaning. Layer by layer removal of paint from automotive bodywork, including classic cars






























































































































































































































































































































































































































Sensational Fragile surface Cleaning System transforms Even delicate "uncleanable" things Like new..


"...Do you have a delicate, fragile or valuable hard surface ― that desperately needs paint removal or cleaning (ultra safely) ―but are scared to death that some bungling cowboy will destroy it? ...  Yes?


"...So If I said you could have almost any Fragile surface restored Back to original condition without fear of damage You probably wouldn't believe me...


"...Well It's True... Here's the Facts,

Figures And Photo's to prove It...

"...It painstakingly removed a 2cm (¾") thick layer of red lead paint from the decks of HMS Victory ― without even scratching the wood underneath!...

"...you can shift, dirt, slime, algae, paint, Grime, graffiti, mould, rust, Sulphates,  etc―  from all your fragile surfaces ― Both Interior and Exterior...

"Now, this sounds crazy but ... this cleaning

sensation is so mild & gentle that...


It can take nail varnish from your fingers ..... It can take print off paper! ......And it can take paint off an aluminium can without scratching the can..



From the desk of;

Richard Hobbs,

Worcestershire, UK.


Hi, my name is Richard Hobbs.


Can it really do all that (or more to the point, can it do all that for you)?


Well.. yes it can, but a while back, I didn't believe those claims either! This what convinced me...


After years of working my fingers to the bone, the day came when I could finally afford my dream... A boat. Second hand, but still my dream boat.


The problem was, it needed a lot of work doing to it. Worst of which was cleaning all the old anti fouling paint and barnacles from the bottom.

Seconds from disaster....... a lucky escape

Some self appointed "expert" (you know the sort!) wanted to use high pressure sand blasting. Luckily I found out the dangers before this idiot blew great holes in my pride and joy (and in my life savings).

Then, a guy at a local sailing club told me he'd seen some TV programme about the work on HMS Victory.

I thought "Crikey, they wouldn't allow just any old system to be used on the Victory. There must be something in this!" I checked it out. That was only the start of it...

£ 25,000 later...

Do you remember the late Victor Kiam? (the guy in the Remington shaver adverts ― He "liked it so much, he bought the company")? Well, next thing you know, I'd spent £ 25,000 on this unique cleaning system. My boat was the first job it did.

But the point is, it does a lot more than boats...

It does all the stuff you can see in the buttons on the left — and more. I hope you'll be excited when you see what it can do for you.

So how good is it?...    Will it work for me?

When you take a look at the before and after photographs below, you'll be astonished how some things get transformed. Even now, I still get a kick out of doing the work.

 I love it. I love the sense of pride I get when a job is completed (I feel like I've created a masterpiece) and I love the look of joy on the owner's face when they see their things brought back to life.

 The system we use is brilliant. It's so gentle. It operates at ridiculously low pressures ― it's actually more like a warm mist. You don't have to worry about you house, garden or street looking like a war zone.

What about mess?

I'd be lying if I said there was no mess. There is however, only a fraction of what other methods produce; it doesn't create clouds of dust because the mist captures it, holds it and stops it spreading. Let me explain about this mist...

...The "Magic Treatment"..

Recently, a gentleman had the "magic treatment" on his beams. He openly admitted that (before he saw it in operation) he had been terrified that his house would be engulfed in dust and deluged with water.

 He'd had a nightmare vision of something like a pressure washer drenching the inside of his house (soaking it with tanker loads of water, sloshing all over his walls and floors). Our kit is nothing remotely like that.

When we did a test patch, he was really surprised — maybe even shocked — at how only a minute amount of moisture was needed to do a great job. That's not all.

Have a look at this quick video... Keep your eye on the top of the wooden skirting. Watch the paint disappear before your eyes.

You get "Belt and Braces" safety measures...

We make doubly sure with a "belt and braces" approach.

Work areas are isolated and sheeted up. After completion, these are removed and the area cleaned. It's time consuming but we have to do it right.

If you have something that needs restoring, I'm sure we can help you. So, please, have a good look around the site at whatever takes your fancy.

Just click on the pictures above to go straight to the section you are interested in (or just scroll down from here).

After each section you can go straight to a contact page with our telephone number and E mail address.

Remember.. we're here to help you.

If you need any help or further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.


Buttons will be added here

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone.


Here's what we can

do for you...

Sandblasting black beams,cleaning old beams  Page copy protected against web site content infringement by Copyscape


Oak Beam Cleaning + Stripping & Restoration of Old wooden beams

What has HMS Victory got to do with your oak beams looking fantastic?

Well, the Royal Navy had to remove a ¾"(2cm) thick layer of red lead paint from it's decks, to reveal the original wood underneath. They used our system.

If it's safe enough for the Victory, then surely, it's safe, thorough and risk free enough for your beams? So here's a question... Click this link to go to the Oak, Black, timber, Wooden beam cleaning and stripping page

If you are thinking of sanding some old beams, this may be just what you are looking for. You'll see some great before and after photographs of removing paint from oak beams. You'll see how to strip varnish and paint from all sorts of old wooden beams. You'll even see how to gently restore ancient timber beams in listed buildings ― gently, without damage.

Just click on the blue link above to be taken to the specialist oak beam cleaning page.

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Boat Cleaning; anti fouling, old paint and barnacles removed without damaging the gel coat   Marine...

 Boat Cleaning,

Antifouling removal,

deck cleaning, varnish 

& paint removal.

The boat owner's secret weapon.

Less time sanding... more time sailing!

No more finger crushing, back breaking, lung choking, manual sanding! At last, you can remove varnish and paint easily..

Have you ever tried to sand a boat (especially a wooden one) back to it's bare hull or remove antifouling?

Well, my brother and I have.


We vowed never to do boat cleaning again!  You end up knackered!

Your back is killing you, your fingers feel like they've been battered with a mallet and you seem to cough up lungfuls of dust.

You're caked in so much powder that you look like a panda when you take your safety glasses off! It's no fun at all.

Apart from all this, it takes an eternity to get the job done. You need weeks of dry weather― and how often do you get long spells of good weather in Britain?

You need something that will shift the layers of old paint quickly ― all the way back to the base ― with no damage to that underlying surface. Something that's clean and won't leave a chemical residue.

So... If it's good enough for HMS Victory...

This is where our system comes in. We bought it after seeing it work magic on boats. Remember, we were terrified to let someone loose with a sandblaster on our own boat. We didn't want to spend the next few weekends patching up cavernous holes.

Then we heard about it being used on HMS Victory.

We thought it must be good or they wouldn't be allowed anywhere near it. Let's face it, any contractor damaging the Victory would have been....

 ...keel hauled and hung from the yard arm!...

Luckily, we were right, it's so gentle..

Look at the three pictures below. It's a job we did recently.

The boat was plastered in rock hard old anti fouling, which needed replacing... The job took less than a day to complete.

antifouling removal

Before: Coated in rock hard anti fouling paint. Stripper and sandpaper couldn't move it. The owner was about to attack it with a disk grinder! Can you imagine the damage that would cause?

During: Just a few minutes into the job and the paint was coming off nicely . The hard paint was stripped off ― wafer thin layer by wafer thin layer ― without damaging the brittle gel coat underneath.



After: In less than a day, the hull was paint free. This would take about three weeks by hand! There's virtually no dust or mess.

 All stubborn anti fouling paint has been removed. There's no damage to the gel coat ― no holes blown through the hull― and no contamination left on the surface.

The hull is left clean and ready for a fresh new coat of anti fouling. A wooden hull would be ready for paint or varnish.

Varnish and paint removal from boats is quick and thorough.

With wooden hulls, you can have them taken right back to the bare wood without any damage. If you look at the work this system did on the Victory, it almost defies logic.

They had to remove a 2cm (¾ inch) thick layer of industrial red lead paint ― without marking the (nearly) two hundred year old wooden decks. And definitely without burning. Can you imagine if someone had cocked that up?

 ...there'd be a national outcry...

Can you imagine the national outcry if the ship ― perhaps the greatest symbol of British naval power ― had been wrecked during the stripping process?  Now you can see why they dared not burn the paint off.

If you have an antifouling paint stripping headache, then we can sort it for you.

If you are unsure as to how your boat will come up, or you would like us to shift your paint, please give us a call (or send us an e mail with some photo's). Just click on the link below

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone,

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Statue & War Monument Restoration & Cleaning

(including graffiti removal from statues, memorials and monuments)

Do you need your statues or monuments cleaned?

Do you have a precious monument or statue that desperately needs cleaning IN COMPLETE Safety?

If you are like me, you'll be terrified to let some untrained "vandal" loose on a monument in case they wreck it ― and you are dead right.

Would you be surprised, if I told you many stone

cleaning methods actually do more harm than good?

― and I run a cleaning and restoration company!

Well, it's not just me......

English Heritage think so too...

but they love the system we use!


You see. Many monuments are effectively priceless.

In most cases, they remind us that someone gave their life to make a difference to ours.

I'm biased, but should we repay their sacrifice by neglecting these memorials ― allowing them to be obscured by gunk, grime and graffiti?

Should we allow some "quick buck" chancer with a hired machine to desecrate them?

Think about your own monument...

Dare you let someone attack it with a mega powerful blasting unit then blow great chunks off it? ...

Do you want to pick up pieces of exploded statue that have landed hundreds of yards away? ...

Do you want it to look like it's been riddled with heavy calibre machine gun fire? No... of course you don't.

In the USA, the Alamo is a bullet ridden war memorial — but there is no reason why yours should look the same — just because some moron used the wrong cleaning system.

You need something effective ― but at the same time, soft and gentle.. something that won't blast big holes in it! Something that removes the dirt only― and doesn't use chemicals.


If you could choose a system, isn't that

exactly what you'd want from it?

Now, this sounds far fetched but it's true.....

This cleaning system is so mild and gentle that...

  • It can take nail varnish from your fingers without hurting your hand.

  • It can take paint off an aluminium can without scratching the can.

  • It can take print off paper!

Now I'm not saying there's much call for that exact sort of thing― BUT it does show how gentle and safe the method is. Yet it shifts the contamination. Take a look at these  photographs below.


Here are manufacturer's before and after photo's of statue and monument cleaning at it's best. Surely this is the way to honour those who gave their lives for us?

blast cleaning english heritage, statue after gentle cleaning

Here's the neglected war memorial that was sadly, covered in grime and algae

Happily, here's the memorial after cleaning. See how bright the plinth is?

In virtually every case, your monument will look like it did when it was commissioned. The vital thing is that it will have been done in complete safety.

Are you wondering how well yours will clean up? Can you imagine how superb your monument will look after cleaning. It will be― once again― a fitting tribute to it's subject.

Give me a call or send some photo's by e mail. ê

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone

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Removal Of Road

Markings & White Lines


Manufacturer's before and after photograph showing removal of white line road markings (with no damage to road surface).

removal of road marking before removal of road marking after

Road markings before treatment

Seconds Later, the line has gone and
the surface is left untouched


No more gut wrenching fumes.. No more dangerous holes in the road.. No more pollution...

I've never liked the idea of burning off road markings with a thermal lance ― and I detest it even more after what happened the other day...

I took my mother shopping ― and to get from the shops to the multi storey car park― we had to cross a footbridge.

Below the bridge, some workmen were burning off road markings with a thermal lance. A gentle breeze engulfed the bridge with cloud of acrid blue smoke (with us trapped within it)

It was like a war film where the army attacks through a smokescreen. You couldn't see more than a couple of yards.

Children were choking, old people

were gasping for breath and I felt like I'd dunked my head in a bucket of tar!

Now, some councils have already banned firms from burning off road markings with thermal lances. So how long can they go on polluting towns and villages? How long before the "thermal lancers" find themselves at the sharp end of a legal action?

It's unnecessary. Our system does the job with no fumes whatsoever.

Neither does it blow big holes in the road surface.

The next time you drive on a main road, have a look at the road markings. In most cases you'll see holes where the tarmac has been gouged out. These have been caused by thermal lances.

If you think about it, it's obvious. When you build a road you melt tar, cover it in stones and roll it flat. If your burn off a white line, you are going to melt the tar underneath. No wonder you get a hole each time.

So, with our system, you’ll get your road markings removed…..

  Without your workers choking Their Lungs — with toxic fumes — from (banned) thermal lances. You won't choke others ― working near or passing by.

You'll do it without blasting holes in the road surface (then coughing up a fortune to repair them). What's more...   

It’s Ideal for cramped town centres...

 Have you seen the huge (flat bed) lorry mounted jetting systems? These are great for removing road markings on open spaces like motorways but a nightmare in tight areas. Imagine one of those blocking the road in your town centre? It would be bedlam.

Ours is a trailer mounted machine — about as big as a Mini—and can easily work in a tight town centre location— with minimal disruption .

If you would like us to shift some markings, please give us a call. Just click on the link below for the contact details. ê

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone

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Cleaning Brick & Painted Brickwork Restoration

( including Cleaning Old Brick )

Just look at this stunning transformation.

It's another recent job we've done that I'm really proud of.

These two pictures are actually of the same building. In the first it looks derelict and run down. In the second, (following treatment) it looks pristine.

Now, look at them through the eyes of potential buyers or tenants.

If you were either, would you be impressed with the building or turned off and look elsewhere?

People only look at tatty places when they are looking for a cheap deal. It gives them more bargaining power if it looks run down. They've got more chance of screwing you on price.

Can you see how the cost of cleaning will be far less than the loss of income if it's left dirty and shabby?

How to remove paint from a brick wall (without damaging the brick work).

Removing paint from brick. "Before" photo of cleaning of old brick After brick cleaning; the old brick looks like new

Before cleaning: Look at this tatty wall. Just suppose you were selling this building (or even just renting it out). Would you get as much as you hoped for?

After: Honestly, this IS the same wall! (see the white pipe?) See how much better it looks after cleaning ?  Surely, this building would command a far higher price in this condition?

 Amazingly, the other day I saw a restaurant with a wall in that state.


 It overlooked the customer car park behind the building.

You had to ....................... For more information and loads of brick cleaning photographs, click on this link Looking For Brick Wall Cleaning Or Painted Brickwork Cleaning? You'll find out about brick wall cleaning, how to remove paint from old bricks and cleaning brick and stone in general.

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Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone


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graffiti removers




Graffiti Removal


Still being compiled

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Restoration & Cleaning Of Interior Wood, Painted Pine & Oak panelling, Stone & Fireplace Surrounds


How to safely remove varnish & paint from interior antique doors, floors, skirting boards & fireplace surrounds

Removing black paint from panelling. "Before" photo showing paint removal process

This manufacturer's photo shows a corridor and staircase in a listed building. Look at the black paint covering the interior wooden doors.

 See also the wooden skirting boards that are hidden under gooey black paint?

Here's the same corridor after gentle cleaning. See how beautiful the wood looks now? Look at the     grain in the exposed antique wooden doors and timber skirting boards.

Don't they look fabulous? The antique wood has come alive.


If you've glanced through the cleaning wooden, timber & oak beams  section then a lot of that applies here.


Reclaimed period timber and features cost an arm and a leg nowadays. But... you might not need to spend that kind of money.


You can do your own reclaiming ― and you never know what you'll find next.


If you've got an old building or feature (say a period fire surround), then you could have a goldmine buried under thick layers of paint. What looks like a dead boring fire surround could be exquisite underneath.


Look at the castle hallway in the photo's above.


Who'd have believed that beautiful wood staircase, skirting and doors were concealed under that black paint. See how much lighter the corridor is?


What you've got to realise is... our machines strip paint off layer by layer. It doesn't do any damage but it does reveal some interesting things.


You might become a kind of "house detective". You might even find you can learn the history of the house, bit by bit, when the paint is "stroked" away.


You could well learn how different owners stamped their personality on it ― just by seeing their differing decor ― layer by layer. This is how much control we have over the stripping process.

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone.

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Cars ( including classic cars)

Waiting for photographs

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone

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Stone Cleaning...

Cleaning & Restoration Of Natural Stone (How to

restore a stone wall & cleaning of stone walls)


Cleaning stone. Have your stonework glow and have all the long lost warm colours in the stone revealed

Clean stone wall

Stone cleaning and cleaning natural stone;Give your patios and features that "just laid" look

 Landscape stone cleaning

Click on the links above  for the stone cleaning page

On that separate page about stone cleaning, You'll discover how to...

Feel Proud As Punch In Your "New", Clean Stone Paradise― Feast Your Eyes On Stonework As Dazzling

As The Day It Was Built


Wow! Take a look at these cracking Stone cleaning photographs (and information)  (click on link) plus get all the information about stone cleaning (walls, flagstones, rockery stones, boulders  etc).


You'll discover Ihow our stone cleaning applies to all of these for you.... Ashlar Stone, Bath Stone, Blue Stone, Buff Stone, Building Stone, Coloured Stone, Cotswolds Stone, Dorset Stone, Durham Stone, Granite, Grit Stone, Limestone , Marble, Natural Quarry Stone, Northumberland Stone, Old York Stone, Portland Stone, Quartz, Indian sandstone, Sawn Stone, Somerset Stone, Travertine, Terrazzo and Walling Stone.


Also, how to make friends and neighbours green with envy when they see your "as new" refurbished stone.

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How to Contact us

Hi, I hope you found what you were looking for.

Maybe you need further information?

We've found that most people have many individual queries or specific questions they would like to ask. 

If you have, please feel free to either...


Telephone us on 
(mobile 07825 706587) or

E- mail your personal question (click hereð) mailto:information@protinus.co.uk

Send me some photo's if you like; it will give

me a better idea of what we are dealing with.

I promise I will respond as soon as I possibly can.

Kind regards, Richard Hobbs, Protinus .

Head Office: 6, York Street,

Stourport-On Severn,


DY13 9EQ

(Just around the corner from the new marina).

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